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Moving out is awesome. You get to come and go as you please, eat ice cream for breakfast, sleep all day (on the weekends of course), stay up all night, and drink whenever you want.
And while that independence seriously rocks...there are some much needed truth bombs that need to be dropped, because living without Mom and Dad isn't that much of a walk in the park.

The 1st of every month totally sucks.

You seem to suddenly remember to shut off every light in the house, that shit ain't free.

Groceries don't magically appear in your always empty fridge and even when you do go grocery shopping you still never have what you actually need.

You will never eat cold cuts again, a pound of turkey for $8 bucks YEAH RIGHT. Thats not even a weeks worth of lunch.

Laundry becomes the worst possible chore. And you never realize just how quickly you go through clothes until laundry day becomes 3 loads.

Your relationship with your parents will change...but trust me it will be for the better.

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@amobigbang lmfaooooo I feel you on that THO! Just being able to do whatever whenever
@LizArnone exactly!
this is hilarious XD I think when I move out, I'll definetely forget the laundry part
@danidee NOOOOOO not doctor appointments! I would have hid under my bed no matter how old I get
Oh man I know all of these....