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OK so the v app held a contest for a Halloween party with its and it was supposedly worldwide except they only picked people from Asia and there also making a live video of it also I mean I congradulate the people that won but why couldn't they have just stated that it was only for Asia
and those will be my reactions to the prolouge part 2 but seriously I'm getting tired of the wait for the 2nd half of the prologue I mean there is seriously only 5 days left of October so either they pushed the date back to November or they are planning to do it out of the blue but cmon can't they prepare us since they all know we are going to explode after what we see but whatever........... Cmon Big hit stop torturing us we need the 2nd half of the prolouge
Mark from Got7
@SarahHawkins who is mark
because like Mark stayed one time he wants to do a world wide tour some day. Not one that's just Asian countries but legit world wide. Mark understands most companies don't
@Ashley052498 yeah i know how you feel I also feel the same
@ElniWyatt Ugh, that makes me even more disappointed in them. what was the point of it even being global. I had my hopes up for nothing:(
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