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*CLs intro from FIRE by 2NE1* I go by the name Sara from Vingle, its been a long time..... Ha! No? OK OK. I really hope you are having a good day/night! If not, I hoped this little, -what can we call it?- icebreaker gives you a smile! Anyway, @kpopandkimchi here, decided to do this very interesting challenge, which, basically -as stated in the tittle- is about your top 5 sassiest idols. Now let me tell you, I couldn't narrow it down to 5 (asdfgjkl excuse the fangirling, its just that its my lucky number)-sorry @kpopandkimchi -, so I decided to do it to 3. Yes? Is that good? OK then! Anyone needs to go to the restroom? Ahh, yes you ma'am in the back of the person whose reading this! Well, sorry, you'll have to wait just a little! . . So, with everyone good, . .


1. Jin from BTS

I feel the need to not even explain this one. Just look at him. The Pink Princess.... pshhh, wutdaheck man? Who gave you the right? He's the Queen of Sass. *Gulps and bows head in shame* No one can beat him.

2. Jackson from GOT7

Just look at those slippers. Not even JB in the background looks so fabulous as Nick Fury. Give him a break, he's a God. He's beautiful, he's JUST RIGHT -hahahaha see what I did there?? Ha, no? ok.-, he's Jackson Wang.

3. Sehunnie from EXO

The kid -haha, who am I kidding? He's a good 5 years older than me..... but that's OK. As doesn't matter in a marriage. *smug smile creeping up*- needs to learn the definition of manners. That's all I got to say. Not only is he terribly good looking -and I hate myself for admitting that- but has a reeeeal bad personality. Sassy, rude, and plain mean comments that make you look at him like: ಠ_ಠ
AND THAT WAS IT! HA! I HOPE YOU PEOPLE HAD AS MUCH FUN AS I DID WHILE READING THIS! eyy @kpopandkimchi , here's the card you wanted to check out! *Top from BigBangs voice* YOU LIKE? Dah (〜^∇^)〜, I was actually wanting to add Top (BigBang) and Kyungsoo (D.O. - EXO) but I realized I didn't have gifts and pictures.......

But I really hoped you guys like it! Thank you for taking your time in to reading this! I love you people! Have a great day/night!

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