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Guess I should introduce myself. Names Lunetha. Lunetha Fay. Im basicly the average college otaku. Spend most of my time playing games on my Xbox or 3DS or PC. And if im not gaming im watching anime and occasionally doing the art thing. Im actually pretty nervouse and shy around peope so if I seem irritated and distant thats why.
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@Danse ha yep im defective. thanks for the welcome. best hand ive ever drawn and its literally a fuck you. my luck
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We all start somewhere. :] The fact that you put forth effort and drew 'something' is further than some people. ;))
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@Danse heh I guess. also..-looks at her hand- can I have my finger back now?
2 years ago·Reply
*Releases, grins* Aheh, my bad. 0=)
2 years ago·Reply
-blushes slightly- I..its alright. .
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