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Hey guys! I was challenged and I gladly accepted. So let's get to it.

The Purple Man

My leader would be The Purple Man from Jessica Jones. I'm no expert, but I believe mind control would be the only way to bring this band of misfits together.

The Taskmaster

With the ability to predict his opponent's moves The Taskmaster is a great addition to the team. Unless you know, we run into Deadpool.


An easy choice due to his overpowering power, Venom is brutal and scary. Maybe we can scare away the good guys? Hopefully.


He's fast. He's powerful. The film adaptations and possibly even the comics (Haven't read 'em) underutilize his powers. This man is super fast. Good luck, Spider-Man.

The Wasp

The male villain from the Ant Man movie, a good addition for those hard to reach places. Oh and physically speaking if he can shrink down small enough while retaining his mass he can create a black hole and that's a decent endgame.


He's not the Hulk but he's big and bad and mean. I processed his application and he'd make a great distraction. Thanks guys! If I took anyone's villain, I'd like to apologize, I actively avoided it. (I wanted Loki, grr haha) I'd like to do a DC one, anyone else?
@ChiefAlphaGoat no problem. thanks for participating. I love the card! nice picks!
@amobigbang Thanks for the shoutout!
Yeah, I hope so @shannonl5
@ChiefAlphaGoat judging from the trailer my guess is it's going to be pretty extreme in comparison to the films. With Daredevil they got really gory so I suspect that unlike with the movies and ABC shows they're more likely to go grimmer there.
Me too! I'm happy they went with a virtually unheard of character, I just wonder how accurate (x rated) it will be
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