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It's a fight to be on the upside of a trend. Especially because you want to be on the edge of something cool, hip and really beautiful. That's why I am bringing up the issue of levitation photography. It's become a thing now, especially for weddings and wedding related parties, such as the ubiquitous save the date card that goes out 4-6 months before a domestic wedding and 6-8 months prior to a destination wedding.
As you can see in this picture, which was captured by the talented, Isaac Gautschi Photography, the cute couple is seated on a rocky ledge, looking out over the horizon, and a muted yellow umbrella hovers above them effortlessly.
That's called levitation photography, where an element in the shot is levitating, almost by magic, without the schmaltz, of course!
To get this to look expertly done and without taking the attention away from the couple, you need to explore photographers. Find one that captures the essence of you as a couple with a nuanced approach to levitation. You don't want that to be the main attraction. It's supposed to be you guys!
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