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What Looks Best on TOP??
This is for all the TOP fans out there. What hairstyle do you think looks best on the one and only TOP??? Look at the choices below then vote in the comments.


You can never go wring with this classic color. Its not very unique but TOP still looks hot with it.


Now I really started noticing how great he looked with this hairstyle in the live performance of Cafe. And that moment in Let's Not Fall In Love kills me every single time!!!


Definitely not a regular choice for many people but boy does TOP pull it off. He's kept this hair color for quite a while too.

Which hairstlye do u think looks best on TOP? Or maybe its a different color?? Vote in the comments below!!! :D

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I love T.O.P. He's the king of the quiff, and looks good with any colour honestly. But my absolute favourite colour he's ever done is DEFINITELY BLUE. It suits him so well in my opinion and it's actually one of my hair goals.
I loved TOP in blue but he looks amazing in the blonde as well. Blue is definitely his best color so far though. TOP is one of the only men, and I do mean men, able to actually pull off the blue hair color.
I love all of them tbh like he looks good with any hair style HE CAN HAVE THAT SWAMPY GREEN AND HE WILL LOOK FREAKIN HOT