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This is something that is always on my mind when there is an f(x) comeback.

I love these groups equally so this isn't saying anything negative about them! It's simply remarking on how SM makes them have very similar styles :)
See for yourself:

4 Walls vs View

f(x)'s comeback that came out recently reminds me a lot of SHINee's View. It's the same color scheme, angles, and general sound in the verses.

Rum Pum Pum vs Juliette

This is just as SM thing to use the same set constantly, but the whole structure of these songs are the same.

Electric Shock vs Lucifer

Both of their strengths is their ability to have high energy songs with insane choreography and I think these are two songs that show it!

Either way I love them both, but do you see the similarity?!

I guess there's only so much they can do when SNSD gets all the good stuff ;)
especially rum pum pum! I feel like sm gives their artists different sounds but puts videos in the same atmospheres and dances are similar.
me and my daily have always thought this! we've even said who was who in each group like...taemin is like amber and Luna like onew! things like that ^.^
They're said to be the female version of SHINee. Everything from their style, dances (neither of them dont focus on being sexy or cute), and visuals.
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