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Comment your favorite anime ! Looking for something to watch
Looking for something good to watch doesn't have to be new could be old I've seen so much and I have a few things in in the middle of but I want to hear some of your favorites maybe you'll put me onto something great (:
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My favorite anime of all time is Katekyo Hitman Reborn
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I know! @AdamDean I really shipped Morino with Okami-san 馃樇
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@matildajgarrett Machinko: What are your feeling for my one true love? Ryoko: Huh? Machinko: My one true love hello we're getting married soon...well what are they? Ryoko: I umm...we're just friends... Narrator: She says while avoiding eye contact.
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fairy tail, shakugan no shana, or sword art online
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