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Ok so I haven't really gave much information about me so I decided to do this so the other vinglers would know me better!!
I LOVE ANIME!!! My real name is Taylor 馃槅馃槅馃槅 Ok so here's me : FAVORITE COLOR :black MY FAVORITE FOOD : LOVE all food most of the time so if I made a list of them you'd be reading for 3hours straight馃槀 MY HAIR IS A VERY DARK BROWN NOT BLACK!!! (Get told its black a lot 馃槕) I am currently in 10th grade and I am 15 I'm about to be 16 on November 16th I have a drivers license so I drive of course馃殫馃殫 I get along with anyone and everyone I'm not the most popular at school but I have very dependable friends and am content with that馃槄馃槄 I sing,do art (I'll start posting some soon) and play the piano!!! The sport I'm in is Archery (I've even shot flaming arrows before) I live in South Carolina as you all most likely know we were flooded and had a ton of damage to all of SC but I survived and am doing great!! I am an all A's student and have high scores馃槅馃槅馃槅 That's about me ..
IF you have any questions you would like to ask go ahead I'm all ears and would be glad to answer them!!!
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how does one message.
We have the same birthday xD
@TobyBaire happy early birthday!!
Happy early Birthday to you as welllll!!!! @tayhar18920