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the big question
if k-pop ideals were just regular people would you still adore them ?????
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I always think about that, and for most of them I genuinely would (especially like Hakyeon and Suga cause they're just the personality that I am attracted to) but some others I always wonder hahaha
I'm not really sure. I want to say yes, but it would depend on whether they have a good personality. Take my two biases for example (two because I love both, and can't choose just one) : Kyuhuyn from Super Junior is legitimately attractive, in the sense that he reminds me of someone I like in real life. Not in the physical sense, but in the personality (from what we can see, at least). Because of that, if I were to meet Kyuhyun in real life and I didn't know he was famous or whatever, I would most definitely like him. Lee Min Ho in the other hand, I just find him hot but I don't think he's someone I would actually like/be in love with.