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New to Vingle! 馃榾馃槂
Hi! I have been here for a week or two and I thought it was time to introduce myself!! I have been a HUGE fan of Kpop for a really long time and I can't get enough of it!!! I love many bands but here are a few of my absolute fav. Bts - My bias is Jungkookie!!! Exo - Chanyeol is my BAE VIXX - I love Hongbin! Red Velvet - My bias is Joy! GOT7 - I love Bambam!! Those are just a few of the many bands I like!! I am very excited about meeting some of you and fangirling over very attractive Korean Stars!!!
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I am new here but have followed the kwave for a while. Love SuJu, EXO, and many others.
I also forgot to say that I am a fan of Up10tion, Seventeen, Beast, Girls Generation, Super Junior, F (x), Shinee, and. few others I can't think of at the moment!
Gotta love Siwon's faces lol. I'm new here too! I only joined around 3 days ago or so. I'm already addicted to this place. you're going to love it.
so true hehehe but you know im the only weirdo who likes kpop so I can't say who's bae bc they'll just say "they look the same" -______-