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Finally 10/10 Bit-to
finally finished each member of Up10tion :) @kpopandkimchi @danidee @KpopGaby @Exoexo @glostick @Myaisnotsexy @B1A4BTS5ever
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@destiny1419 I remember one night I was so excited to listen to and fangirl over 10Uption with my cousin!! Later that night she was like '... You know it's UP10TION, right..?' But no matter how many times she tells me, or anyone tells me, I'll most likely call it 10Uption... Sorry! I really do try my best though
@Myaisnotsexy If people correct you they obviously know what you are talking about but its okay because you are saying it the way you know :)
omg nicee!! i love up10tion!! and this drawing is so good nice job 馃挄 my bias is Sunyoul