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.....I don't know if people know that I love Monsta X (hyungwon my love!!) I got caught by Jooheon's weirdly disturbing but rather cute aegyo.... The point is that I found out the fandom name and *takes deep breath* I AM SERIOUSLY PROUD TO BE A MONBEBE!!!!! There I said it despite how much of a ridiculous name that is... anyone want to be a proud MonBebe with me??? P.S I got lazy and didn't add pic's.
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Yeah they are heh and wow I didn't know thanks!!
I'm a monbebe too!! :D They are my favorite kpop/K-hiphop group!! btw I know right I was a bit disappointed by the name -_- but I'll get used to it lol
I just got into this group lol but that name omfg why !!
@herreravanessa9 I know right heh its just ridiculous!
@ARMYStarlight gawd it is how did they come up with that lol