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Teen Top (NYC)

So, many of you couldn't go to the concert that took place at times square last friday and as I promised I recorded the whole concert for you guys! Sorry if i took long to post them here, i wish i had more time to do that before. I am happy that i met @sherrysahar @netchiBates and @stevieq WE HAD SO MUCH FUN! Can't wait to meet them again for the next concert.
Part 1. (sorry if i yelled too much)
Part 2.
Part 3. Ps: L. Joe speaking eng is the cutest thing ever
Part 4
Part 5
Last video! Again sorry for screaming too much. i wasnt myself that day lol Hope you all enjoyed, and hopefully lets all meet for the next concert here in NY/NJ.
I can't get over how close you guys were!!!! I'm so happy you guys got to go together!!! Real life Kpop friends are so rare *cries**laughs**cries*
lol had so much fun
I used headphones but it was worth it!^^ :) :3♡
love it 💝💝💝💝had a great time with u my girlies 😘😍💝💝💝
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