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The Feelings Challenge: My Favorite 9 Feelings In The World
So I was tagged by @allischaaff to complete @jordanhamilton's Feelings Challenge, which asks us to describe our 9 favorite feelings. Why not?
I'm not a really feelsy guy, so this will be a very very basic list.

The Feeling of A Fresh Pack of Newports

The First Sip of a Cold Dogfish Head 90-minute

3am Conversations in Union Square with Friends

The Feeling of a Brand New Tattoo

Eating Sushi with Your Best Friends

Winning a Game of League

The Feeling of Finishing an Awesome Manga

Jamming to Some Dope Ass Music

The Feeling of Being




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If it's 3am and I'm in Union square, I'm probably buzzed, trying to get home on the awful 6 train lol
Oh god the 6 train... Not as bad as the A train or my F train going gosh darn local lol MTA sucks lol
Edddgggyyyy. ;) @VinMcCarthy you're such a New Yorker!! I totally identify on the sushi. LOVE IT! Thanks for participating in the challenge!!! :D
I want that feeling of finishing a manga. Hopefully it's Maximum Ride. I like the feeling when you buy all the manga you read. It's gonna take some time. -,- lol