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It's prediction time in the MLB!

With the World Series kicking off this evening in Kansas City, it's time to step back for a moment before the whole thing gets underway and make some guesses as to who's going to complete their dream.

I'm looking back at preseason predictions from some alleged "experts" on sites like ESPN and Grantland, and they're hilarious.

Nobody - I repeat, NOBODY - on those two sites had the Mets even making the playoffs, much less going to the world series.

And only four of these 'experts' had the Royals making the playoffs. None of them had the Royals in the World Series.

So, Vingle baseball fans, it looks like it's up to us to make our own predictions!

I want to hear from everyone: Who is going to win the World Series? And how many games will the Series go?

I'm going to refrain from making a comment because I'm afraid to jinx my Mets... I hope you'll all understand!! [LET'S! GO! METS!]
go mets itvI aint gonna be easy that's for sure but they play and we watch the games for a reason can't wait !
KC for me baby! Lets get psyched for the WS!
Boy if i knew the answer to that id be a millionaire lol. I expect a really good series, at least i hope so. I have to give KC the slight edge even though the Mets have been playing great ball - especially lately. Neither one is "my" team so i can enjoy a lot better.. just hoping for 7 games and good world series baseball. also hope they dont go too late so the kids can stay up watching and remain interested. GO MLB!
Anyone watching the game right now?
I really don't know. This is a hard choice.
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