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Andy and Ollie might be the two best twins to ever have been on television in the history of anything that ever was. Okay, maybe not. But we can still learn so much from them. Has there been a cartoon-duo who loved each other as much Andy and Ollie love each other? Maybe. But they resonate with me a lot because they're great friends and siblings.
And don't we all want to be better friends/brothers/sisters/Dads? Here are a few ways we can all get better at being whatever we are right now.

1. Make the Best of the Worst Day

And I don't mean for yourself. I mean for your friend/brother/sister/Dad. What if they come home one day and you're like, "Look at all these paper plates that don't have food on them friend/brother/sister/Dad! It's okay because we can eat paper for dinner". That's how you have to be. Even when you're stuck eating paper because your friend/brother/sister/Dad is out all day spending the household's hard-earned cash on the Craps table, you have to make sure they have a corner to crawl back into.

2. Have Inside Jokes with your Best Friend

This is probably the best way to show other people that you have a best friend. Literally walk up to someone else that you both know, or just sort of know, and make an inside joke at them. Yes. At them. The look on Rachel's face when she realizes you replaced her with some dummy from your Chem class will be worth it. Trust me. She'll learn not to steal you Crayola markers from out of your locker. Social embarrassment is the way to go. And the best way to achieve this is through having a weird joke with your friend/brother/sister/Dad.

3. Always Think of Your Friend. Always.

Imagine you're at home. Trying to sleep. Tossing and turning until the night goes black and you wonder why you're so alone. You know who else is doing that? Your friend/brother/sister/Dad. They're laying in their bed, thinking about you and how you're their friend/brother/sister/Dad. See that? See how they line up. It's because it's perfect. Everything with the both of you is perfect. You are perfect. Never forget. Never stop thinking about that. Always remember. Always. Always. Always. We love you. We love you. We love you.

4. Love Your Friend because They Exist

Now imagine this situation, you don't have your friend/brother/sister/Dad. Now stop! That scenario is too hard to think about! Hey! I said stop! No, your friend/brother/sister/Dad is still here! They still exist! Come on, stop that line of thought, I said! Hey! Come on. Don't do this to yourself. Your friend/brother/sister/Dad is still here! They love you. Remember the way they took you to the Roller Coaster Theme Park? And you were too scared to go on Scary Mountain Roller Coaster? And your friend/brother/sister/Dad said, "Paul, it's okay. Let's just go to the arcade." Remember? And the two of you played Street Fighter II until your Mom and your actual brother came back and you talked about how you had just as much fun as they did and your Dad smiled and nodded along with your excitement. Come on, Paul, your Dad is still around. And he will be for a long time. Don't think about that stuff. Think about all the times you shared, you love him and he loves you.

5. Be Open with Them. Totally. Open. And. Honest.

Okay, maybe you shouldn't pee on your friend/brother/sister/Dad's pants because that's a little strange and weird. Maybe you should take it as a metaphor for like, you know being open with your friend/brother/sister/Dad when you make a mess or a mistake. Like using the bathroom, you never want to keep these things in. You want to have an open line of communication with your friend/brother/sister/Dad. You never want to hold anything in because if you do -- much like holding it in when need to use the bathroom -- it'll all explode and make a mess on/of everything around you. These are always bad situations. So remember, do like Andy and Ollie, pee on your friend/brother/sister/Dad's pants... metaphorically.
Okay, I know I titled this card 5 whatevers to do whatever with Andy and Ollie. But this last block is just as important as anything that starts with a number. You've got to give hugs. A lot of them. It's all about the hug and not about the... bug... or something (I really wanted to rhyme and it didn't work out this... time [I did it!]).
But seriously, if you have a moment and you're not miles away from your friend/brother/sister/Dad because they decided to take a job away from your hometown to leave you to rot and die a slow death, then give them a hug. A big one. You never know when you won't be able to anymore.
(@NormanSmith, I hope this was just as fun for you as it was for me writing it.)
@paulisaghost you always make me smile, Ghostie. *Hugs*
oh it def does!!!!!! ty for this card
omg that 1st picture still cracks me up...
@ButterflyBlu oh thanks so much! i love writing these cards and i love when other people do, too haha
@NormanSmith haha yeah i made sure to use that one for you. im glad you enjoyed it. are there any other characters youd want turned into life advice?