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thank you @JohnEvans for the suggestion! here we go >>
gahh he's such a little kid :3
you can just get lost in those big eyes *-*
°^° he's so...he's so hawt *cries* ...I wish I was that drip of sweat gliding down his face... what? I didn't say anything.

look closely ARMY

Kookie is flashin' them abs!! (°•°)
has anyone noticed that Kookie has one of the brightest smiles in BTS? ~Im blind
again with the hawtness...whae Jungkook whae ;-;
Notice meh senpai <3
He completely wrecked my bias list ... I'm done.

Ahh...the Golden Maknae ^°^

If you have any overload suggestions, feel free to let me know and I'll do it for you guys :)
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@myaisnotsexy yup I'm dead now thanks
@OliviaZenger That's what cousins are for!
I just came across this again and just go "no jungkookie no!" and screaming "ahhh Jeon Jungkook!!!!"
@SarahVanDorn its funny, I did the same thing when I was on the bus today...and yesterday XD