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Hello fellow Vinglers! Last week some brave souls took place in the first Vingle debate. And things got pretty real.
Really real.

The question posed : If you could have any superpower, what would it be?! Why?! How would you use it to make Vingle a better place?

And Vingle election candidates gave their responses!

@GalaxyTacoCat is not actually a cat...

But a human raised by cats! GASP!
Also, that @GalaxyTacoCat is amazing at photoshop (Image above it original).

@quietone has a new supporter

A new supporter has emerged out of the campaigning @Ameriwolf has agreed to join and support @quiteone.
Also during the debate it emerged that @TwiggyTuffsey is joining the team. This cat is unpredictable!

@InPlainSight disclosed the official beverage of the team

The Aussie presidential candidate is pulling his Aussie power and promoting a passionfruit soda as the official team beverage.
Want to join the Vingle election and support someone in their race?
Let us know and follow all the election coverage <<HERE>>

Time to weigh in candidates... Are you ready for the next debate? What moves can we see coming from you in the future?

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Ziva?! Is that a kitty too @quietone?
2 years ago·Reply
yep she's my doom kitty reaper of terror
2 years ago·Reply
@quietone I can provide you with a million kitty gifs if you come join @galaxytacocat team. Think about it, your having a hard time with the race right now so if you join me and my cabinet you will experience massive loads of kitty gifs and you will not have to work so hard. Come join us to produce a better tommarow.
2 years ago·Reply
@GalaxyTacoCat that's cute but no thanks my goal is to rule with all the vinglers out there and lead with an iron fist of understanding nothing can stop that not even all the kitty gifs in the world
2 years ago·Reply
Good to see some friendly competition at hand. Kitty gifs are my main source of manipulation too @GalaxyTacoCat
2 years ago·Reply