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The NFL's quest to land a franchise in Los Angeles may come to an end this year, as one team in the league is ready to move on.
According to David Garrick of the San Diego Union-Tribune, Chargers special counsel Mark Fabiani said on The Mighty 1090 AM radio show that the team will make the request in January.
"If everything is moving ahead, obviously we're not going to be standing on the sidelines and watching everything go by," Fabiani said. "We've got to stay in the game to protect the franchise."
The move seems to be a hand forced by other teams vying to fill Los Angeles is the Chargers don't step up to the plate. Rumors are swirling the Raiders and Rams would take a shot at L.A. is the Chargers don't file for a city move.
The NFL hasn't had a team in Los Angeles since the Raiders and Rams moved out following the 1994 season.
Do you guys think this is a solid movie, or should the Chargers stay pat? Would you rather see the Rams or Raiders in L.A. or the NFL bring in a new franchise?
Clarification: not suggesting Qualcomm stadium is a great location either, but at least it's no longer used by a pro baseball team
Honestly I'd rather see the Raiders move on from the dump that is Coliseum, but the Chargers are probably a better fit as the main Southern California team.
I thought the Rams were going back there
Rather see them stay in San Diego, I'm a big fan of Rivers and would like to see him win a Superbowl.
Are they freaking serious?! There is NO FAN BASE in Los Angeles!! Why would you move a team their?! No one who has noved a team their as ever stayed lol its a terrible move lmao