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I heard that this "blood type thing" is popular in Japan and in other parts of Asia!
I'm the same blood type as Kyoka-sempai and Honey-sempai ._. JUST KIDDINGGGGGGGGGGG
@PrettieeEmm I didn't find out until my father suffered from kidney failure and I requested to be examined as a potential kidney donor for him during my junior year of college. Otherwise, I'd have no idea either. @Ahjumma I'm blood type O too, as in obviously out of this world! I'm just kidding, more like obviously out of my mind lol. :) @kpopandkimchi Although O's are thought to get along with anyone, similar to ABs, I swear I really get along with type A's. I admire polite and hardworking people with great work ethics, because it is a standard I hold for myself. My husband is an A and we connect in ways that are important and meaningful to us, but the things we don't match on actually help the other person grow and balance each other out. My best friend for life is also an A, but doesn't like Kpop... :(
@ParkSara I know I'm awesome haha 馃槃 but I'd still like to know.. I've tried donating blood before but they said I couldn't
@PrettieeEmm I think another possible option could be a blood donation? (I'm not sure you are that curious about your blood type, but these donations are life saving for others). If you're 17 or older in the U.S., 100lbs or more, and are generally healthy - they will test for a number of diseases and your blood type for you. It doesn't actually matter too much what your blood type is. If you think you're awesome, then you probably are. :)
@Ahjumma Idk I purposely asked her if she could find out she said they didn't do that there unless absolutely necessary.. @ParkSara I don't think its very sought out here like in other countries so most of don't know what we are.. I tried guessing just by my personality but who knows
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