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While Robert Pattinson is away, his close pals will play! … In a totally platonic way, of course. Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner were photographed leaving The Troubadour in West Hollywood together with a group of friends on Tuesday night. The “Twilight” BFF’s went to watch Marcus Foster perform, who is a close friend of Pattinson’s. Although Pattinson wasn’t in attendance — he’s shooting “The Rover” in Australia — he was there in spirit. Stewart, 22, wore her boyfriend’s baseball cap to top off her casual ensemble. A witness tells omg! that Stewart hung in the VIP section with friends and “looked like she was having a great time.” “She sipped on a drink and was rocking out to the performance,” adds our source. “She talked with Taylor a lot, they were laughing. Seemed like a fun night out! Stewart’s posse included Lautner, singer Christina Perri (who was featured on the “Breaking Dawn” soundtrack), and her new concert pal/Katy Perry’s assistant, Tamra Natisin. The group hung until the end of the show before attempting to keep a low profile while slipping out the back exit. Lautner, Stewart and Natisin all hopped in an awaiting car together and drove off. Stewart and Lautner have been hanging together quite a bit while Pattinson has been away filming. The “On the Road” actress even helped her former co-star celebrate his 21st birthday last month. Still, Pattinson is very much still Stewart’s main man. A source assures omg! that the couple is “still together.” cr:yomg
lol.. why??
Difficult to think this is platonic..