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Follow the collection to learn Japanese phrases along with anime characters! ^_^
I love learning Japanese now. I don't wanna seem nerdy but I have a book of notes from here <3
I swear this was my only reason for vingle but I'm always second guessing myself if I'm saying it right lol
@EduardPontier I agree the syllables would definitely help but it definitely makes it fun to learn a language I love.xD
@EduardPontier idk if i tagged it right but if you go on textfugu.com you can go through most of season 1 for free which inclues hiragana and the prounounciations of all the kana. however, a i e u o are the 5 basic vowels without consonents. a = aah i = eee (like the ey in key) u = ooo (like the oo moo) e = eh (like the eh in read) o = oh (like the second o in oreo) and then all the other kana (excluding n which is pronounced nnn) are a consonent and one of the five vowels (a i u e o) so they're easy to sound out from there. except ra ri ru re and ro which are pronounced with a hard r, but it's better to learn that from videos where you can actually hear how it's said
@poojas syllables would be helpful plz 馃槅 if you could I kno you take time out of yur day to make them an I'm grateful 馃憣 yur my real mvp lol jus a small request...
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