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Hello~ My name is Kat and I'm completely new to Vingle. I have been a fan of kpop for about 7 years now and I'm hoping to connect and make friends with others who also like kpop. I am sucker for rappers, so don't be surprised that all my bias are rappers. XD
G - Dragon and TOP are at the very top of my list. I have found that nowadays it is difficult to chose between the two, so I decided not too. Together they are #1.
Zico is my #2 (3 if you want to be technical here...) Block B along with BigBang saved my life so Zico, GD, and TOP hold a special place in my heart.
Song Mino is next on my list. I can't say I ever listened to BoM. But I remember seeing him on Block B's MTV match up. So when he popped up on Win I was overjoyed and excited that he was going to get a chance to show his skill. I never expected to fall for him too. ♡.♡
Rap monster will be the last I talk about today. He is the one I've fallen in love with most recently, despite BTS being around for quite some time. I discovered him from his solo Do You and was instantly captivated.
Ultimately I am a VIP and I have many more bias that I won't go on about today. It's nice to meet you all, I hope we can be friends. c:
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@reyestiny93 Everything I know about him is after Win. But if you want to hear songs that show off his talent the most I suggest his Show Me the money songs. My personal favorites are Fear ft. Taeyang and Okey Dokey Yo ft. Zico.
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Welcome Kat!!! My name's Kiara and my ultimate bias is Jin. Hope you like it here and Crush is one of my favorites too!!
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@kat121 thanks I'll listen to them
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-make it rain kpop lovies-
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I completely agree G-Dragon and TOP are one.
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