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This krusty looking ass girl came up to me at school and looked at my phone and literally laughed at my lock screen on my phone because it was amber and kept telling me that being lesbian is a sin First if all, im not lesbian, im straight as a pole Second, who the hell are you? Third, liking the same sex is not a sin Fourth, who the hell said that she was leabian?
Yes to all of your points. Love who you want to love, however you want to love them. I love Amber like a best friend :D
I've had the same reaction except the sin part... but Amber is my screen saver too because she's awesome, inspiring, and just really nice and aesthetically pleasing to look at. :) She's my ultimate bias because I look up to her so much and she takes great photos!! So why not have her pic as a screensaver?!!
Amber is a great girl with so much enègy and talent. I admire her and follow her on instgram.