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So back in March my friend Alice introduced me to the world of Kpop by showing me a Super Junior music video... However I didn't really get into Kpop until my friend AJ introduced me to SHINee... From there I became hooked... SS501, Kim Hyun-Joong, Jang Geun-suk and 2PM followed and finally I circled back to Super Junior... Anyone have any suggestions to who I should look into next??? I am already looking into f(x)...
Got7 and Bts
Hope u supporting Kim Hyun Joong....
@shelbyhusband GREAT job helping noob out! VERY informative!
EXO and BigBang are good groups that won't disappoint! my fave group is EXO btw. there's a new group called seventeen that just debuted. the fandom is already huge so you can find plenty of people to fangirl with! got7 is a great group, too. (many members speak english). cnblue is also a fan favorite. I love all 4 of them. they don't dance or anything. they're an actual band like ft island. they play instruments and have killer voices. okay girl groups: if you like f (x) which you literally have to. they're perfect despite them having lost a member. Red velvet is a new (ish) group that is amazing! I love them! they're under the same company as f (x). miss a, sistar, and AOA are good dance groups, too. apink and akmu and k.will are good cutesy songs and what not. well k.will has the most powerful and amazing vocals ever sooo you HAVE TO LISTEN TO HIM. you have no choice sorry. he probs has an ost is practically every drama ever. in all of history. but yeah there are plenty of kpop groups out there. maybe not kpop necessarily. but I typically group them all together sorry. whatever your fangirl tastes are, there's a group out there. do some research. it's really so much fun entering the kpop fandom. and it only gets better!
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