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So back in March my friend Alice introduced me to the world of Kpop by showing me a Super Junior music video... However I didn't really get into Kpop until my friend AJ introduced me to SHINee... From there I became hooked... SS501, Kim Hyun-Joong, Jang Geun-suk and 2PM followed and finally I circled back to Super Junior... Anyone have any suggestions to who I should look into next??? I am already looking into f(x)...
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@Edithse7en I never believed Ms.Choi's allegations for a second... She is hiding like a coward and defaming KHJ while trying to scam money from him... The alleged abuse??? None of the reports facts add up... Supposedly was beaten by him and had a large bruise on her left arm but its clean and this is a few days after her lawyer states he has pictures of proof... Photoshopped bruises on he did... Because a undoctored pic of the same time-stamped day shows a bare unbruised arm...
I know that too and I'm happy things are starting to clean up...
Got7 and Bts
GOT7 is a nice group to get into. They have a little webseries you can watch on YouTube. It's like 10 - 30 minutes depending on which seasons you're on an episode. The first season is shortest because it follows their debut. But definitely check them out. You'll fall in love with them! They're another JYP group! If you like 2PM you'll love them. I also REALLY reccomend Seventeen, Day6, BTS, and Monsta X. They're all "rookie" groups even though BTS has been around the longest of them.
@kokoronotakara @edithse7en omg my mom loves KHJ and i introduce her to kpop. we don't believe that lying heffa ms choi either. we have been following the stories. so how come she won't do the paternity test?? did they say why??