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V V THE alein he so sweet and funny yup he not form earth but I love him in cat eras anyway but have u ever realize he look emo like if u dress him all emo he be 1000℅ hoter love v
suga suga our swag boy he so cute he has good swag but let's be real he love one thing more then use and that I can't be made at oh what it sleep yup he love to sleep and he need it if he going to stay swagghot
kiookie our baby he so young and cute and I love His voice it like angels singing
Jin and Jimmi yup I call them j&j they so cute jin love food I love food jimmi looks like a 6 year old kid to me and jin abs are to die 4
j-hope I sorry I don't have a pic for but he so funny it like he a kid trying to find out what everything dose and is I like j-hopey
rap monster he my bias I love how he raps and how he looks to be honest I like how smart he is he solve math easy and he a nerd he the leader bit does not use it to get what he want he trys and that great
I think u meant Jimin's abs
They're all equally great! I'm a Suga bias myself but really I love them all so much!