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Are you a true Percy Jackson fan? Do you have what it takes to be a demigod? Then you have come to the right place!! Hero's of Olympus and Percy Jackson and the Olympians are what we talk about here there will be quizzes and games and contests!! Please Join!!
I read the entire first series, and reread them recently. Heros of Olympus, I read the first two, and sort of lost interest halfway through book 2 though...I think it was the whole, 'Amnesia' plot line...I mean reading the second book, was like re-reading the first one, but with Percy, instead of Jason
I used to really like these books when I was in high school. haven't read em in a little bit though.
ive read all the books at least 5 times over... and I've memorized the first page or 2 if the first book...
you should see my book shelf
the last three books are better then the first two in HoO
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