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Fred Hoiberg is a new coach in the NBA, but he's willing to soak in influence from some of the longest tenured coaches in the league.
According to a Bulls beat writer, the coach Hoiberg plans to max players out at a 32 minute per game limit.
The minute cap has received mixed reviews thus far across the board from many coaches.
Some like to play it by feel. If you have a star player who is young an capable of playing big minutes, many coaches allow them the freedom to play heavy minutes. Other coaches don't like to play their athletes heavy minutes as the time of the floor often takes a toll on their body.
The Bulls are a unique team, as they have nice depth across the board to execute this easily. They also have key players who have missed a lot of minutes due to injury over the past couple of seasons (D.Rose for example.)
What do you think is best? Limiting the players minutes no matter how they feel or letting your star players play as long as needed (health permitting) to win the game.
Unless it's absolutely necessary to remove the limit, I think this might be a good move. I'm still mad about Derrick Rose's torn ACL that happened in the final minute of game 1 of the 2011-12 playoffs against the 76ers. He shouldn't have been in the game, and everything's gone downhill since then.
in the case of the bulls the best plan probably is to max out at 32 minutes then if they make playoffs crucial games can have heavy minutes
Depends on the game,,still shocked they let Tom T. go.
@KyleBerke Well, DRose gets hurt too much....even when he's playing time is limited!
@WilliamsBrown You do bring up a valid point but if players are used to a 32-min game cap, then do you think they will be able to perform at the same level they've played throughout the regular season during the playoffs when they might be playing longer minutes?