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so Ms @aimeeh is back and my phone must be rejoicing with me because it gave me MVP worth results! yay!!! story time!!
jaehyo and I were best friends. we met in art school. he was so conceited but we became good friends fast. I guess that's why I started developing feeling for him. he supposedly had a crush on me but never said anything. when he left school to join block b he invited me to come along. he introduced me to all of the guys. U-kwon had the biggest impression when we met. instead of a handshake or hug he went all out and kissed me!!! jaehyo said I turned pale. but what did he expect. my first kiss was stolen by a stranger. when I the rest of the guys found out that was my first kiss kyung said he was jealous he didn't steal it first. I think he was kidding but then again these guys we're such jokers I I couldn't tell. I spent a lot of time with zico. he became like a big brother and protector to me. one day we we're all out and a sasang fan noticed me hanging out with them. she must have followed us around for quite a while because later that night as I was walking home I had the creepiest feeling someone was watching me. as I went to cross the street to my apartment I was met with blinding lights and screeching tires to my right side.....you swear people only freeze in the dramas until it actually happens to you. I was a deer in headlights. next thing I knew I was on the sidewalk face down on something soft. it took blinking a few times before I recognized zico looking up at me. he asked me if I was alright and all I could do was mumble "I think so....are you?" he had a sprained ankle. I was so glad it was nothing more. "you left your phone so I was bringing it back to you when I saw the car coming" "I'm so sorry you got hurt because of me." we called the police but they couldn't really find anything. the next day I started receiving strange threatening letters on my door. after last night I was terrified and I felt so guilty that zico got hurt even though he said it wasn't my fault. I stayed home. all the guys tried to get in contact with me but I was to shaken up to answer the phone or leave the apt. finally P.O. got so concerned he came over. that's when. he saw the letters posted all over my door. warning me to stay away from block b or else they wouldn't miss like yesterday. I didn't want to let him in and risk him getting hurt because of me but he didn't want to leave. so I let him in.
seeing how depressed I was about the whole thing P.O. suggested I go on a vacation. maybe a foreign island for a week or so. he even went so far as to say he would pay for everything and called immediately to book a flight for tomorrow. he said it would be better this way. great now even P.O. who I always had a soft spot for was sending me away. I knew me being away from them was for the best. but it still hurt a little. after everything was set he left me alone to pack. I'm pretty sure I cried a bit while packing. I'm not even sure what I packed. the next day I headed for the airport. I didn't bother to call the guys. the point of P.O.'s vacation was for me to disappear. I looked down at my boarding pass...."hmmm first class?" guess I get to board first. as I got on the plane only to notice how unusually empty it was. maybe not many people bought first class this trip... I sat down and heard someone else board. I looked over and saw a man with a cap, a mask, and sunglasses on. it wasn't until he sat right next to me and whispered "ready?" in to my ear that I realized it....."P.O?!?! what are you doing here? I thought this trip was your nice way of telling me to stay away from you!" "what? no way. this trip is to spend time with you and keep you safe! I rented the whole plane just so no one would bother you." I was speechless. we became very close during the vacation. one night we we're walking the beach when I got a call from zico and jaehyo. they said the sasang fan had been caught and I could go home. I told P.O. and that an when it happened. P.O. took my hand and asked me to let him make me smile and take care of me from now on and to go back as his girlfriend. he said he had liked me for a while now. P.O was so special to me so I said yes. a year later and I became his wife the end!!! thanks again @aimeeh for bringing this back. hope your week is better
@heidichiesa YEASSSSSSSSSS thank you sweetheart! Fighting! ^●^
I'm glad you're week is starting to get better! fighting! ↖(^▽^)↗
@heidichiesa Awe I love it!! Thank you so much dear for participating!! Thank you very much! It's starting to get better!! I am trying to upload another one soon, to get caught up! I appreciate it! I am very glad you got P.O!