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How do you think Skip Beat will end? We still have many mysteries to unfold Things to happen before this series ends 1. Kyoko needs to know about Ren's past 2. Kyoko realizes and admits she's in love with Ren 3. Ren finds out chicken's identity is Kyoko 4. Kyoko finds out Ren is Kuon/Corn 5. We need to see what Ren's mom looks like I know this manga will have a happy ending for sure! Hope to see Ren and Kyoko's kids heheh
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i'm curious about what Ren's mom look like! she must be a great beauty! when Kyoko discovers Ren's identity and sees Ren as the blond Kuon it would be a truly climax of this manga! I think this manga won't end anytime soon haha
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Love-hate relationship with skip beat T____T hate that I have to wait months for the next chapter.
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it's getting better actually, used to be 2 months per chapter but the wait is 1 month this time
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I wish we only had to wait for two or three weeks tops can't wait until the next chapter, it really starting to get exciting
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the good news is the manga wont end in awhile. according to my personal forecast it will be 5 more years before this manga can finish haha. I'm just glad @pnhq always post the fastest translation as soon as the chapter comes out! thank you so much @pnhq :X
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