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I didn't think I'd be doing a forgotten anime series every week, but there is so many anime in my mind that I know people have not watched and that I personally feel that are really good anime to watch. my last series has been about fun and comedy but for this series we go a little dark.
Gonzo studios Genre: action, crime fiction /dark. 24 episodes 3 manga volumes year 2005 rated MA
this is our main character: tatsumi saiga, he was a former war photographer. He's an awesome photographer and works for the police so in an investigation ( note: I dont want to give it all away) While investigating a secret club where rich and influential people meet to fulfill their most perverted desires, he receives a kiss from Kagura and develops the ability to explode whoever and whatever he photographs - Death by Photograph. The effect of this ability depends on what type of camera and lens he is using. weapons: by this kiss you are granted power, that power turns into whatever you love/desire. so what you love more becomes your weapon.
warning: things get a little weird/dark.
the bad guys are pretty sweet! check out this diamond lady witch you can see in the earlier episodes, she is completely made out of diamonds since in real life that's what she loved most. so the leader of the club sends out all these people looking for this "goddess" girl and poor tatsumi gets to fight all the outrageous enemys.
this is choji the main antagonist, is a Euphoric with the ability to manipulate his own blood and use it at will to attack and defend. Apparently he is only using Kagura and her mother to extend his influence and profits. From the beginning you can see he loves kagura, unsure if its only because she is his main money income or hes just plain perverted.
the story over all, amazing! wish it could have run longer of course. I really love the fact that your weapon is whatever you desire most ( you can't change it after ) but for tatsumi is not so much of a blessing since he loves to take pictures- now whatever he sees thru his lense gets destroyed and he might never take another picture again. I really recommend this anime, it might not be everyones cup of tea but I like a little bit of everything so I really enjoyed the whole aspect of this scary, mysterious, crazy and sometimes sickening anime. It's short and sweet like most forgotten ones, but for me a must watch at only 25 episodes short you'll surely want more. see you guys in my next forgotten anime series =)