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They were right when they said women love to ask questions.

In this case, I'm referring to your wardrobe and not your man. Don't worry, I have your back girl. If you're a woman than you know the struggle of putting together the perfect outfit. From the moment you lay the clothing out on your bed to the moment you try it on, the questioning begins. When your best friends not around to answer your annoying questions about your appearance, that's when you turn to asking yourself. Sounds a bit psychotic if you ask me, but we're women. What do you expect?
We know those jeans fit perfectly, but sometimes we just need a bit of reassurance. We've all been there and freshen your memory, keep scrolling to see the annoying questions we ask ourselves when getting dressed.

Question #1: Do I look fat in this?

Be honest. We've all asked ourselves this question on at least one occasion. Knowing good and well, we looked anything but fat. As women we can be extremely hard on ourselves.

Question #2: Does this make my butt look good?

Depending on who you happen to be, this question can be a good or a bad thing. If you're channeling your inner Queen Bey, you want a big rump shaker. Do you really think Beyonce questions how big her booty is though?

Question #3: Do my boobs look saggy?

If you're wearing a supportive bra, you won't ever have to ask yourself this.

Question #4: Could these jeans zip before I ate those 4 slices?

Don't get mad at your jeans because you're struggling to make them work, put the pizza down and pick up something healthy.
Ladies, ditch those questions and ask yourself this one question:

Why am I so beautiful?