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I keep saying that I'm going to do this but never did so here it is before I get wrapped up in another card or kpop memes haha
Hi y'all! My name is Alexis but you can call me Lexi or Lex. I'm from Arkansas. I will answer questions I usually get after that. Yes, we wear shoes. No, no incest with my cousin. I don't know why we are the Arkansas Razorbacks (why would I want to be a 🐗) and I'm sorry that we gave you Mike Huckabee. But we also gave you Maya Angelou, Johnny Cash, Bill Clinton...that should count for something right?😅 I am a junior (not yet 21) psych major in college. I am hoping to attend grad school for occupational therapy! I love working with kids (plus, they're easier to get into K-pop😂).
My ultimate bias group is Big Bang! They are one of the first groups that I found after discovering K-Pop when I was 14. I love watching them because they have a great dynamic and are hilarious together! My ultimate bias is GD🐉 but I love them all. I could spend a lifetime discussing it but I'll save the rest for later😆
Fave food is technically dessert but I LIVE for cheesecake. I'm the type of person that if you ask me what do I want to eat, I will respond "FOOD" and not "I don't know" because as long as I eat something, I'm fine and now I sound like a glutton😂 Hobbies: I love to read books including Rick Riordan books(Percy Jackson). I watch anime and draw when I have time. I am a big comics fan (Marvel, DC, ARCHIE😄) I love dancing. I'm probably learning K-pop choreo as you are reading this haha Likes: besides K-pop, anime and comics, I like dramas but I've only watched Taiwanese dramas (with Puff Guo (Heechul's "wife"), Jasper Liu and Aaron Yan) Feel free to send K-dramas my way! I like friendly people but who doesn't? I also like open minds which I think majority if not all K-pop members (or just humans) have or should have. Dislikes: Grapefruit. I've hated it since I was a baby lol I've recently had people tell me that I'm not free to listen to k-pop because I would be appropriating culture by doing so or because groups appropriate my culture. I don't like when people try to control or keep you in your lane just because they don't understand or don't like it. ✋🏾Please let me swerve into this never ending lane called K-pop *listens to Big Bang anyways* They're born haters😎 I also dislike dishonesty. I've found it easier and less stressful to be honest with people. Whatever floats your boat though😌
Something about me...Well, I'm excited to be on Vingle! So far, it's been a blast meeting you all and talking about something that we all love. The pure definition of a community and I love it! If anyone ever wants to talk about anything, 🙋🏾I'm here haha To the people who read this all the way through, God bless you and 10 points to whoever caught my Epik High reference 😌👍🏾
@BambiTheFawn I don't usually go down south unless I'm traveling through but actually there's a girl at my school from Camden! That's so cool! Are you new on Vingle?
@BambiTheFawn another Arkansan! Yay!! Where 'bout? I'm from LR
Hey no way!!!! So awesome, I'm from Arkansas :D
Yeah, but.... everytime I try to do that it tells me I can't yet.
Cool! I like some of those too! You can add communities specifically for those so that you see more cards about them like Big Bang and BTS!
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