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So after my amazing results last time i figured why not ruin my life again and see what me and more of my bias babies would look like and these results are seriously way better than the first! Seriously i nearly died when i saw these!
First we have


how cute are these little squishy babies

Sung Joo:

If you guys didnt know Sung Joo is my #1 UNIQ love because as you can see hes perfect. and our kids , especially our daughter are beautiful


My second UNIQ love.our kids are sooo cute!


Of course i had to see what me and my first loves kids would look like! The are absolutely adorable


My extremely gorgeously handsome 2pm love whos slowly trying to take my heart from taecyeon. Look at our little bean :)


Our son is definitely gonna be a heart breaker like his dad

CHANYEOL(MY #2 Ultimate Bias):

Chanyeol is seriously my second soulmate and hes too perfect .... and our kids....too much


since our results last time were too perfect for words i decided to try again and omo!!! our kids are perfect even better than before namjooni seriously has golden genes!( i must have strong genes with the girls lol because ours and wenhans daughters are basically twins lol)


Of course i save the best for last! Definitely had to try again because GD is too perfect and i kid you not these were the death of me......I was speechless our kids are soo perfect!!! They have there dads beautiful genes!! My fragile heart wasn't prepared for how perfect these little angels are! Our son is THE cutest , most beautiful little bean ever and our daughter.....I cant shes too perfect ugghhhh idk why i do this to myself haha why cant they be real
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@Marilovexoxo *le sigh* i think i'm gonna have to, can't believe i forgot him in the first place 😉
How did you make these? I wanna try it.
@SaraHanna morphthing.com
OH MY GOD this post is literally my life right now. All these hot kpop men hehehehehehe
Thank you @Marilovexoxo