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[QOTD] Have you heard f(x) - 4 Walls?
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AOTD: I'm pretty sure most of you have already heard this song. I really like this song. Especially the background. DO YOU EVEN HEAR THE BACKGROUND? IT'S LIKE THE MUSIC WHEN YOU GO TO BLOOMINGDALES, H&M OR MACY'S. Or maybe like when people are modeling they have that catchy beat ya know? And also if you snap at like a constant pace, it stays constant. For some reason I like that ahaha. When they sing "Love is 4 walls" I interpret it as, Love is for walls. Get the pun? ...I'mnotfunny.... Or that Love is like 4 walls. When you fall in love, you will be trapped by 4 walls? I don't really know but that is how I interpret it. What do you think of this song?
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