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It was one long kiss alright! I still giggle when I think about how he flustered so much after he kissed her. Couldn't stand properly hahaha
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Dunno why, this two characters keep lingering in my mind since their first encounter in EP 7. Hope the writers won't waste this enchanting couple.
i'm sure they will have a happy ending. i just hope Jae Shin will be able to walk again by some miracle but maybe my wish wont come true :(
Though only 2 episodes left(?!) yup really hope a happy ending wish can see them both walking side by side.
@soula81 me too! but i think at the most she will be able to with the help of crutches.... anyways, im also loving the kiss *squeeee*. i thought it would never happen and not with him being the one to initiate it (jae shin's sweet peck on the cheek does not count)
oh they didnt include the last 2 scenes in the end right? the part where he's standing and holding her hand while she cries