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김치 kim-chi gim-chi kim-chee You're definitely gonna need to know this if you ever go to Korea. If any of you know what Kimchi is but doesn't know what it really is, it's a fermented korean side dish made up of vegetables, mostly cabbage/radish. There are different kinds of kimchi but I personally like the cabbage and radish one. Also, the older the kimchi is, the greater the taste is. The taste is a lot stronger and more flavorful as it ages.

Do you like Kimchi?

I love kimchi and living in a Korean family, I eat kimchi everyday with almost everything. Trust me, it tastes good with everything.
I love kimchi and am trying to learn how to make it. Right now I can only eat storebought. I make a ramyun bowl with ham spread with gochujang, egg, kimchi, and green onions. It is so spicy and flavorful. <3<3<3
@KpopQueenaBee Same! It's sooooo good. Just thinking about it make me hungry. Haha
I love kimchi.. Its so good..
@bobabubbleee Thank you! Although it means I'd be on here a whole lot less, I'd love a job. :)
@ParkSara I hope you find a job. I also recently discovered Vingle and I've been addicted to it too. Haha, I'm also a slave to my hunger.
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