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Thank you @reyestiny93 for the suggestion!! This one will be fun ^°^
Imagine Suga having the confidence to come talk to you
and only responding to you when you call his name
he smiles after you tell him you like him bc he feels the same way about you
he likes to play silly games with you and tease you ~
and laugh at your cuteness
he tells you that he'd swim across every ocean just to be with you ^-^
and when he's mad or upset, you're the only one that can make him forget it all
no matter what he's doing, he always thinks about you
and he smiles when he remembers that you're watching him on TV

~Suga loves you~

If you have any people suggestions, let me know and I'll make it happen :)
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Dunno if you have done Leo from VIXX yet, but I would love a card like this with him xD
I wish, my own mother doesn't even remember how old I am. 😢
Can u honestly say how happy this made me. Like Jiminne is my bias but Yoongi is just.... Why is he so freakin cute all the time!!!!
have you done one of bang Yong guk from bap? si? por favor? 😆 where lol
@IsoldaPazo not yet but I will soon XD