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Unlimited can literally be anything our imagination can access which is infinite! So you will always get something new, unseen, and just plain old AWESOME! Enjoy and embrace your imagination and what you can create using the power of creativity.
We live in the age of awareness where knowledge is available instantaneously. Our creativity can only grow infinitely bigger from here on out.
My name is Shelby Leon Ray, And my Gamertag is actually Dark halo1552 just another 9999999+ top 100 high ranked gamer over millions of people in Storm 3 but ultimately my main goal is to have fun!
(Intelligent Godz) is my old Naruto Generations Clan which will eventually turn into a Storm 4 clan and will open back up sometime in February.
Just a couple of pictures of me! I am 19 years old and I've never been to a public school\Private School in my life. :)
I am also one of the Newly recognized Global Citizens! just here to express my benevolence for the greater good of all.
I will always preach the freedom of which we are dwelling in all the time :) The only limitations we have is the limitations we put on our self and believe them as Facts. You Are the creator of your reality, You have the ability to change the lenses in which you see the "Circumstances" and perceive them as "Negative or Positive" but ultimately all circumstances are fundamentally neutral. You create that which you are experiencing now remember what you think about you bring about! So keep the energy optimistic and positive if that's what you prefer.
Search my name "Shelby Leon Ray" anywhere on the internet to find out more about me. I Will literally be the first results you'll see. Enjoy!! :)
@JusticeJordan Thank you! Justice Jordan ^_^
Thank you both!
any time 馃槑
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