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I was tagged by @ButterflyBlu in this challenge originally by @jordanhamilton and I decided to do a fun twist on it. Instead of just listing my 11 favorite feelings, I decided to list my favorite Marvel-related feelings. Because if you hadn't noticed, I have a LOT of feels.
For this challenge I'm tagging @trin1991 @electica @ypl333 @amobigbang @kuzuri96 @ChiefAlphaGoat @ScriptedSoldier @ladygdragon @LAVONYORK @Leolaring and @BeannachtOraibh ! I think you've all been tagged in challenges before, but just in case, this means that you get to share your own card about your 11 favorite feelings! They don't have to be Marvel-related. If you've never made a card before, check out this guide!

1. Trying not to cry

In the early days of being a fan, you try to be stoic. The feelings are overwhelming, but you're trying to hold it together. But underneath the surface, something beautiful is beginning to happen to you.

2. Crying a lot

When you finally give in, it's like a tidal wave of emotion. And you're the beach, being slapped in the face by the waves. But you enjoy it.

3. Wank

While sometimes wank (or griping) can be unproductive, sometimes it's good to just get the feelings out. Are you cranky because your favorite character barely had any lines in the recent movie? The canon is totally interfering with your fanon? Did Fantastic Four just totally bomb... again?! It's not healthy to keep these things in. Just make sure you love each other while you do.

4. Shipping it

Ship everyone. Ship it good. Sail your ships into the sunset and don't look back. It's a beautiful thing. Except when it's not a beautiful thing of course...

5. Trash

You know that pairing, that headcanon, that incredibly specific feeling that you know is garbage and *you don't caaaare*. And to you I say: bravo. Roll around in your trash, live your best life. Just please remember, you can call you trash. Nobody else can.

6. Hiatus

Parting is such sweet sorrow... thank goodness there are usually only a few weeks in between releases. Between the films and ABC and Netflix and the comics... the sweet agony of waiting lasts *just* long enough. And in the meantime you can fill your time with...

7. Crack

Just lose it. Lose everything you have. Whatever "it" is, it needs to get lost because it's time to go BANANAS. Do everything in ALL CAPS.

8. Overwhelming feels

You rewatch a movie. You reread a comic. You see a card about a really upsetting scene. You hear a song you just *know* is about your ship. You're sitting alone and just think too hard and suddenly you're overwhelmed by feels. Let it in. Let yourself love and be hurt only to love again.

9. Discovering fic

Where everything is beautiful and nothing hurts.

10. Dehydration from even more crying

EXCEPT EVERYTHING HURTS WHAT EVEN. There's a certain kind of sadness that you only get from that amazing 100K slow burn with perfect characterizations and an accompanying playlist and frequent updates and OH GOD.

11. Blissful exhaustion

You're totally drained. You just loved Marvel too hard. So you pass out, knowing full well you're going to do the same thing again tomorrow.

I look forward to seeing your cards!

Whether I tagged you or not, feel free to participate in this challenge. Tag me in yours so I can send them some love!
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@lovelywhite13 XD I'm glad you enjoyed this haha. I knew I wasn't the only one who had these life problems XD
Lmao. CRACK!
@ButterflyBlu 100% of the time that's me hahahaha XD
馃槖馃槖 i feel ya with the ship i really do and the suffering 馃挴
@AndreaaD1az I feel you will relate to this on a spiritual level XD @BiancaMason suffering all day, all the time, it never ends.... but I secretly love it XD who are your ships?