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Pink did it first, but Kendall did it second. Anything Kendall can do, you can do better. Kendall took to Instagram a few days ago to showcase her new look featuring pink hair [see here]. Talk about a total Kylie move, but it's definitely a good look on her.
Turquoise and green were the craze this time last year, now it's looking like things are about to get really pink. Of course, pink hair is every girls dream and it can also be yours by following just a few steps. Don't worry, you can easily achieve this look on your own by checking out the tutorial below featuring YouTuber, Brittany Balyn.

Ladies, would you be daring enough to go pink?

you're welcome! and you can just type it in google and a bunch of light pink hair chalk options to buy will come up @RobinReed
Thanks Jordan I appreciate ur help I can't ever find light pink chalk is the thing where can u get it ??
@RobinReed I definitely understand, you should check out the card I just posted on hair chalk. That might be a better option for you, especially if you end up not liking the color. You can easily wash it out. Also, try doing some deep conditioning treatments for your hair with mayo, olive oil and honey...I have a few cards on treatment that might benefit you :)
I want to do this I've never dyed my hair any other color and I would love too but it's scary the first time wonder if I don't like it what would I do ?? My hair has always been so long and healthy lately it's been horrible I don't kno what to do with it anymore the ends are awful and split and it's frizzy and I use oil bio silk and others then I used to much then my hair looks greasy what do I do ?? Help me !
I'm a guy but I'm actually thinking it over
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