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every time I watch this video or a performance I can't help but to fall in love with her look. hyorin is super cool and sexy and that's probably why one of my favs right now. most of the time k pop stars are more on the cute, pink and cuddly side but I find in hyorin a different kind of lady look I just love. so lets enjoy some of her shots in this video.
she is so cool! I love her personality and smile. I must say, girls don't really dress that way here but they do wear very short shorts and tees but if I wear that they look at me weird lol
who's your favorite sistar?
She really is BEAUTIFUL! @MattK95 HEYYYY. You know why I'm tagging you in this. xD
@StephanieDuong your just trying to elicit a crazy fanman reaction from me...and it's totally working ^-^ I love Hyorin soooooo much, she is beyond amazing <3<3<3
@baileykayleen yes she is! but I did not like her with blond hair. I love her here tho.
She is so beautiful in this MV! But she's gorgeous everywhere so. Yay Hyorin!