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Lena Dunham is so amazing.

I don't just say this because I am a huge GIRLS stan, but she literally is. If anyone is comfortable in their own skin, it is definitely here. Despite the constant negativity she receives via social media, she continues to promote body positivity by posting pictures of herself that most would instantly fat shame. When Lena stumbled upon a photo the paparazzi took of her wearing a Mara Hoffman jumpsuit hugging every single curve on her body, of course she posted it and she even left a positive note before any negativity was sent her way.
The actress and editor said: "What the Daily Mail calls an eyesore I call a damn dream, @marahoffman This onesie takes me from @tracyandersonmethod to brunch to fetal position and I couldn't feel more heroic. Was literally psyched about the paparazzi photo so I would have evidence of it #thanksforthehelpcreepyguyintruckerhat #OnesieNation"
If you don't love Lena for her body, at least love her for her positivity. She is the kind of woman we should all want to be like. She not only embodies positivity, but she is fearless, outspoken and confident. I am definitely here for every single outfit Lena wears. Whether she happens to be a size two or a size twelve, her beauty shines extremely bright. If no one else sees it, at least she does.

Ladies, how do you feel about Lena's skin tight bodysuit?