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If you're going to date, date with a purpose.

In other words, consider courting a person before you decide to adopt the term date. When it comes to courting many people have their own definitions, but today we are going to focus on my personal definition. Both dating and courting have an end goal, but two people dating doesn't always entail that marriage is what they're aiming for. At one point in my life, I thought the idea of dating was cool. You get a chance to see if you like someone and if you don't, you keep it moving. As I matured and got older, I realized that so many relationships fail because people don't take dating serious. Dating has being a leisure activity instead of an end goal. With that being said, I soon learned the difference between dating and courting -- where courting happens to be a form of dating where you have a purpose.
Unlike dating, courting a person comes with a lot more responsibilities. Not everyone is equipped or even mature enough to handle courtship and this is when you need to step back to take the time out to evaluate yourself. You can't possible focus on the bigger picture, if you're all the way outside of the frame. As someone who has been single [both willing and unwillingly] for the past couple of years, I'm slowly realizing that I need to replace dating with courting for obvious reasons. The two are more different than you think. To find out these differences and find your true purpose, keep scrolling.

Difference #1:

Dating: You don't necessarily have an end goal or motive for the person your with.
Courting: You know for a fact that the person you are involved with will eventually be your spouse.

Difference #2:

Dating: You sometimes question certain things about the person you're with. You might even question the relationship.
Courting: You know for a fact that this person is the one and you don't have doubts about anything.

Difference #3:

Dating: You focus on both the mental and physical aspect of the relationship.
Courting: The physical will come in due time, but at the moment your main focus is getting to know the person you're with fro their mind and their soul -- not their body.
Although their are probably so many more differences, the fact of the matter is that we need to start taking relationships and people more serious.

Focus on the bigger picture and have an end goal.

I agree and I never actually thought about that. def a great one to add to the list! @Kamianon
I think another difference is that if you court someone in light of difference #3 then if you decide not to continue you can actually remain friends because nothing happened
veri good farends