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Calling all Shinigami (Or Quincies, or Hollows, or Visored....) Since there was a bunch of people expressing love for Bleach in the welcome cards, I thought it was only prudent to make up this card for the Bleach fans here on Vingle XD

Kind of like the Fairy Tail card

So let's use this space to get to know each other and talk about everything we love/hate/don't care about with regards to Bleach.

It could be the high - intensity battles...

Or all the potential for kawaii fanart (and ships)...

Or it could be the fanservice in form of bountiful bosoms...

...Or it could be Kenpachi Zaraki...




It's Kenpachi Zaraki.

Tagging some Bleach fans!
i hope they bring back the anime for bleach 馃槉
I love everything about bleach and I really hope they contenue the anime and I read some of the manga and it seem thing get pretty entrusting between the quinces and shinigami
@PolitoTrujillo that and they all have their own humorous qualities, whether they are the serious type (Byakuya) or extremely hilarious with their amusing comments (Urahara and many others). I can't say I hate any character. They are all great in their own way. :D
@TiffanyWallace right he makes all his characters so in depth you can't not love them
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