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Meet Death wish.. (in the green of course) aka Victor Von Doom! Smh. Deadpool is not as stupid as he puts on. Deadpool and Death Wish were causing mischief because that's what you expect your counterpart to do, the same shit like you lol. When Deadpool asked his counterpart why his healing factor was so slow, Death wish claimed to have no knowledge of the healing factor . A light went off. Soon after that Death wish was killed by the guy he was taking contracts for... Death Mask.
Which is a combo of Deadpool and Von Doom! Lol, I know alternate universes can through stuff off... Oh and confuse the hell out of you. Btw this is just my quick summary.. Reading it can confuse you when you are reading other stuff at the same time lol.
So ♥ Wade enjoy your pillow fight with your "other self" until the contract is over!! Xoxo L A
♥ still frisky ♥
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That is perfect