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In the UK they are moving away from a traditional form of applications and going with something that might : anonymous applications.
The Prime Minister is also promoting and looking at a switch to name-blind recruitment. Essentially to encourage that employers have a process of hiring that is name-blind.
“The introduction of name-blind recruitment processes and school and university-blind interviews will help prevent unconscious bias and ensure that job offers are made on the basis of potential - not ethnicity, gender or past personal circumstance.”

So only a qualified person (and not the name) matters.

This is all part of a plan to prevent unconscious bias against candidates from minority groups.

Which makes me think: why haven’t we done this before?

Well, it’s sort’ve tricky. The government doesn’t want to push their boundaries into businesses.
But in the UK there are huge companies that employ lots of people: UK Civil Service, Teach First, the BBC, NHS and local government as well as top city names such as HSBC, Virgin Money, KPMG and Deloitte. Let’s just say: Schools and companies have a lot of power.

Shouldn’t it be the government’s job to make sure they are hiring fair? Or is too much for the government to step into schools and businesses that way?

Wait what? That's awesome. This should be implemented now.
@nicolejb In the UK, and Australia, most companies have corporate targets based upon gender and ethnic mix, which in some cases in the past has led to positive discrimination. I think that blind university and job applications are awesome, but how do you do a truly blind interview?
@nicolejb What it does mean is that your resume and cover letter will need to be well crafted and highly focussed on the qualities they're looking for, which it should be anyway...but..
That’s absolutely true @InPlainSight you can’t really get past that point. I wonder if the application process will help though, like they will interview more based on qualifications and then get to interview people they never thought they would hire before!
I know right @ChriSingularis?! like I hope they start doing this in the US like NOW please.
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