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Kpop Groups as Halloween Candy
Halloween is only a few days away so it's time to get a little spooky!

Here are some of my favorite kpop groups if they were Halloween candy:


Pop Rocks

Way too sweet and jumpy and energetic and tangy and colorful and SO MUCH TO TAKE.


War Heads

They have serious attitude and need your full attention. They also might kill you.


Jelly Beans

They're never the same flavor but are always super sweet. Plus they're so squishy!


Pixie Sticks

Because that is what they are: pixie sticks.



Sour, sweet, and always bouncing around, of course GOT7 are nerds!!!


Caramel Apple Lollipops

You think you're safe with the smooth caramel until you are blindsided by the sour tangy apple in the center. EXO tricks you into thinking they're not going to steal your soul.


Hot Tamales

Yeah, I went there. Soyou, Dasom, Bora, and Hyorin are 100% hot tamales.

Who else would be good Halloween candy?!

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